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Plan Your End of Summer Getaway

Your Facebook feed is overflowing with trip reports from all of your friends. And it seems summer has passed you by before you found a chance to escape to the vacation you so desperately need. Or has it?

If you’re feeling stuck at home trudging through your same old daily routine, there’s still time left to get unstuck and squeeze in a summer trip to the Virgin Islands. Even if you can only make it down for a week in the Virgin Islands, it’s worth it. Here’s why.

  1. Score Cheaper Travel Deals Post-Season

Want a hot tip? Book your flight after August 27th if you want to take advantage of cheaper airfare. It marks the end of peak season and starts the more affordable fall season. Late August is also the magic time to book a summer cruise. That’s when the rates tend to take a dive after a popular summer season.

  1. Spontaneity is Important

Getting out of a rut and overcoming your fears stretches your spontaneity muscle – and that’s a good thing. When you do something impulsive (like hopping a plane and heading to the Virgin Islands last-minute), you stay fresh, happy, and creative. And that’s something to get excited about. 

  1. Do it Yourself Freedom

Unlike other vacations, where everything is a package deal or all-inclusive bookings, the Virgin Islands offer everything you need for a DIY vacation. All you need to do is charter a boat, and set sail. Then take your pick: Stay a little or stay awhile. Roam free or pick your favorite beach and don’t move a muscle. There’s adventure around every corner in the Virgin Islands. 

  1. The Drinking is Bar-None

Dance and karaoke the night away in Red Hook, swim up for a Painkiller on a white sandy beach, or charter a luxury boat and relax as you sip champagne. Just pick your favorite style of drinking, and enjoy. 

  1. It’s Top-Rated for Families

Traveling with kids? The U.S. Virgin Islands are ranked #1 in Best Family Vacations in the Caribbean by US News & World Report. And any trip that makes everyone happy is certainly worth the last-minute effort. 

  1. The Views Are Unbeatable

Travel to Mountain Top, the highest point of St. Thomas. Score sweeping island views all the way to the British Virgin Islands from 2100 feet above sea level. Do some sightseeing at the top and peruse the duty-free shopping. Take a load off at the bar and sip an infamous Cruzan rum banana daiquiri, invented by Mountain Top.

And if you can’t get away now? Don’t worry. It’s always beach weather here.


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