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Experience the beauty of Tortola. Swim or stroll the white-sand beaches, eat local cuisine, or drop anchor and rock with the rhythm of the ocean. Tortola, the largest island of the BVI chain, offers guests plenty of activities, beaches, and fun.

Although Tortola isn’t one of the most visited islands for our St. Thomas boat rentals, it seems as though our St. John boat rentals are more eager to check it out and it happens to be home to some of our favorite beaches within reach so we at Sonic Charters would be happy to show you!

Cane Garden Bay is one of our favorite beaches located on the North side of Tortola. It’s a super long, beautiful white sand beach where the water is almost always calm. There are a variety of different beach bars and restaurants, our favorite being Myett’s where you can feast on some of the local cuisine such as roti and conch or stop to have one of their signature tropical cocktails. Cane Garden Bay is pretty much always a quiet spot and will always be a personal favorite of Sonic Charters’ owners, Morgan and Carrie.

Cane Garden Bay is also home to Callwood Rum Distillery. The over 200 year old rum distillery offers daily tours and tastings and you can even buy rum to take home to your friends! There isn’t a ton to see but if you’re interested in checking out a little piece of history, this might be a good little stop for your itinerary.

Smuggler’s Cove is another gorgeous beach on the North side of Tortola which we stop at occasionally for a quick snorkel or to just bask in the sun and have a quick drink aboard the boat. The reef isn’t as lively as it used to be but it’s a great spot for beginner snorkelers as the water is always crystal clear and you can always spot some small fish.

Experience the beauty of Tortola, BVI

Tortola, offers guests plenty of activities, beaches, and fun!

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