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Step aboard to our luxury yacht, the 50′ Sea Ray Sundancer 460.

Many people dream of having their own yacht, but not everyone can afford one. So why not try chartering one instead? The benefits of chartering a luxury yacht are numerous: you get to explore new destinations in style and comfort. Plus, it’s much cheaper than owning one because the boat is only rented for a period of time.

If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation, consider chartering a yacht in the United States Virgin Islands.

Here are the benefits of chartering a yacht in the USVI:

The first benefit is that you can cruise around the Virgin Islands at your own pace. You can visit whatever islands you choose, at whatever time of day or night, and stay as long or short as you want. You can take it all in while relaxing on deck – enjoying drinks, views, and sunshine. Cruising by private boat gives you more independence to explore what interests you most.

Another benefit is that there are no worries about finding ports or harbors to drop anchor or get supplies during your journey- everything’s already been taken care of before boarding! Chartering a yacht means total freedom with no worries about where to go next

Sonic Charters is your top choice for luxury yacht rental. Exotic destinations like Cruz Bay, White Bay, Cooper Island, Norman Island, and Virgin Gorda are waiting to be explored on your own terms when you choose one of our private St. Thomas charter boats! Whether you want to spend an extended amount of time or just a day, this is the best way to make sure that you can make all of your vacation plans come true in the USVI.

Every day, we provide our guests with the chance to explore the best of St. Thomas and St John aboard our 50′ Sea Ray Sundancer 460 “Hedgehog” boat. Filled with the most knowledgeable captain and mate, this boat is perfect for someone who wants to set sail on their own adventure in St Thomas, St John, or anywhere else in the Virgin Islands.

Another luxury boat charter option for you is our crewed yacht 58′ Viking Princess. With a full open bar and quality snorkel gear, sailing the Caribbean sea with this luxury motor yacht can sure make your vacation more fun, relaxing, and memorable.

Choose from various different charter boat packages based on how much time you want to spend exploring the beautiful destinations in USVI, and go at your own pace without worrying about anyone else!

In conclusion, renting a luxury yacht in the United States Virgin Islands is the best choice for your vacation. Not only will it be a memorable experience, but you’ll also get to enjoy amazing views while you sip on tropical cocktails or go snorkeling at Buck Island.

Cruise the USVI on your own terms! Book a Sonic Charters private charter boat in St. Thomas or any of the other stunning USVI destinations, and see all of the natural beauty that you have been dreaming about.

Our luxury Sea Ray boat rental is equipped with:

  • Kitchen
  • Salon
  • AC Down Below
  • Two Staterooms
  • Full Bathrooms

boat charters in St. Thomas, USVI    

Our St. Thomas Boat charters ($1850 for full day including captain and mate.  Fuel is additional as well as customs when applicable) include:

  • Full Open Bar with assorted Liquor, Beer, Juice, Sodas, Bottled Water and Ice
  • Morning snack of fruit and muffins and afternoon snack of cheese and crackers
  • High quality snorkel gear and noodles for your entire party
  • Mate to assist Captain with docking, anchoring, and service
  • $50 per person for each guest over 6

We recommend bringing the following on your charter:

  • Towels
  • Bathing Suit
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen (we kindly ask that you do not use spray as it turns the seats orange)
  • Passports (if traveling to the British Virgin Islands)
  • Ipod or Iphone to connect to our Bluetooth sound system

sea ray shade sea ray outside seating  sea ray seating

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