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Norman Island

norman island attractions

Norman Island is located at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands archipelago. It is one of a number of islands reputed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate novel, “Treasure Island.” If you’re up for some adventure, this island should be on your itinerary. Norman Island doesn’t have a vast number of things to see or do but The Caves, The Willy T and Pirate’s Bight will definitely keep you entertained for part of your day.

The Caves are home to tons of tropical fish, beautiful coral and the water is crystal clear; it’s a snorkeler’s heaven! Often times, you’ll have this snorkel spot to yourself so you can explore without any distractions. This snorkel spot is perfect for beginner and advanced snorkelers as you can stay close to the boat for comfort or go into The Caves to see what treasure might be inside.

Caves at Norman Island
beach fun at Norman Island

Pirate’s Bight is a beautiful, newly renovated bar and restaurant that sits right on the sand so you can lay on the beach or take a swim while you wait for your lunch. Great food and beautiful setting; what more could you ask for during your lunch break?

The Willy T is located right in Privateer Bay in between The Caves and Pirate’s Bight. This 100 foot schooner is most known for people jumping off the top and into the water. Some people like to visit The Willy T to jump over and again while enjoying a drink between jumps. They also have a great menu if you’re looking for a not so standard lunch spot.

jumping off a boat - Norman Island
docking at Norman Island
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