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St. Thomas Surfing Charters


Coming to St. Thomas or St. John and want to catch some waves? Sonic Charters offers the best surfing trips around St. Thomas, St. John, and the British Virgin Islands, hands down.

Our knowledgeable captains can get you out onto the waves in a matter of minutes, including some favorite spots you won’t find in the travel guides. Our powerboats can move you fast enough to follow the surf as it shifts, whisking you and your party to each hot spot as the opportunities arise.

Some of our favorite surf spots include:

Hull Bay – St. Thomas

Hull Bay is a favorite for St. Thomas surfing enthusiasts. Located on the north side of Coral Bay, it is a great place to go if you are looking for waves and other surfers. Hull Bay is also located near Salt Pond, which has a few different breaks that are great for beginners.

The best time to go surfing at Hull Bay is in the morning when the tide is low and there are fewer people in the water. It is great for surfers of all skill levels. It has a variety of breaks that are fun to explore because the water and conditions can be different depending on the tide and wind direction.

The reef breaks in the area with storm swells and variable, fast, and shallow water. The reef is located on the north side of the bay with a small opening that leads into the lagoon. This spot has some of the best waves in St Thomas. The reef is typically great for short rides. The waves are powerful, steep, and fast.

Cane Garden Bay – Tortola

Cane Garden Bay is the most famous surf spot in the Virgin Islands, and it is located on the north shore of Tortola. The bay is a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike.

It has a wide variety of surf spots, including some that are perfect for beginners. The bay offers some of the best surfing in the region because it faces south, which means that it can get swells from all directions. 

There are many popular surf spots along Cane Garden Bay. One of these is a reef called “The Tent”. This is a reef that has become notorious in surfing circles for being extremely difficult to paddle out of, even for experienced surfers. The bayside beaches are also heavily trafficked by tourists and locals alike. 

In addition to the beaches, there are coral reefs and underwater caves on the bay’s north shore. Cane Garden Bay is often considered one of the top ten surf spots in the world. Cane Garden Bay is a bay in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands that has historically been a major destination for surfers due to its consistent, powerful waves. 

Apple Bay – Tortola

Apple Bay is located in the Northwest part of Tortola, one of the Virgin Islands. It is a surfer’s paradise with some of the best waves in the Caribbean. The bay has some great surfing spots and also a reef break that can be used for beginners.

Surfing enthusiasts can enjoy six-foot waves on a good day or head to nearby Cane Garden Bay if they prefer smaller waves. Thomas’s Surf Shop is located in Apple Bay and offers lessons for those who are new to surfing or want to sharpen their skills. .

Apple Bay is a tourist destination that is close to many other locations. Some of the nearby attractions include: 

Sandy Point – A sandy beach that can be used for swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking. The calm waters provide good conditions for novice swimmers and snorkelers to explore the Caribbean Sea’s coral reef, which is only a few hundred feet offshore.

The Pigeon Cayes – These islets are a favorite spot for diving and snorkeling. The Cayes are ringed by coral reefs, and the area provides many opportunities to explore underwater wrecks and see exotic fish.

The Soufriere Hills – This area of volcanic activity is an impressive sight from land or sea. From the town of Soufrière, you can take a boat trip out to the Blue Hole where deep blue water has been exposed to volcanic activity.

Bay Farm Island – On Bay Farm Island, you can visit President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s summer home, which is now a museum. Get an authentic taste of life in the era when FDR was president with a guided tour and stay for lunch or dinner at the nearby Garden House Restaurant. You can also watch the sunset from Roosevelt’s Stone Cottage or attend a concert there during the summer months.

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