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Many people who travel here assume that every inch of the USVI is the same – white sand, turquoise waters, a temperate breeze and perfect views. In fact, but the differences between our islands and their various attractions can be dramatic, and visitors who want to see it all would be wise to make a plan.

That’s where we come in. Sonic Charters has long been at the forefront of a competitive rental boat industry here in the Virgin Islands, not least because our areas of expertise include every inlet and cove from here to the BVI.

This guide offers you a nice starting point – a quick thumbnail overview of everything you can see, do and enjoy around the island of St. John. Guests tell us it’s a useful way to start choosing priorities for their day on the water.

The perfect St. John rental boat experience includes cold beverages, effortless relaxation, snorkeling and fun. To put it all together and see every sight on your list, call the pros at Sonic today.

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