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One of the main reasons our St. Thomas rental boats get so much attention has nothing to do with us at all: the USVI is, simply put, a sublime place for diving. When you rent a boat here, you can go anywhere and dive to any locale – a significant advantage for the serious diving enthusiasts who visit these islands year-round.

Case in point: this scuba diver who is looking to shatter the world record for longest continuous dive.

“We’re shooting for 144 hours” underwater, said Keith Sagray, the diver who will make the attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for number of hours spent scuba diving in the ocean.

And how does that time stack up against previous attempts?

The current longest open saltwater scuba dive is 72 hours by Cem Karabay in Turkey. He set that record July 17-20. “We’re looking to double his record,” Sagray said.

St. Thomas is a great pace to dive, and an ever better place to come and visit. Even if you just want to glide on the surface of the ocean or peek below from a safer depth, we’ve got you covered. Call or write Sonic to plan your St. Thomas diving adventure today.

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