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St. John is special. All the U.S. Virgin Islands are special, of course, but only St. John is given over almost completely to protected wilderness. That’s why its beaches, diving, snorkeling and vistas draw visitors from around the globe.

This recent article highlights much of what makes St. John such a coveted destination, including this nice description:

It felt like paradise — and it still does. That is due, in large part, to philanthropist and conservationist Laurance Rockefeller, who first arrived on the island in the ’50s. He grew so fond of this rugged, unpolished gem that he bought up huge swaths of land, which later formed the basis of the Virgin Islands National Park. Today, the park covers 7,000 acres — more than half the island — and 5,650 underwater acres. St. John will never be overrun with wall-to-wall condos and shopping malls.

The piece goes on to include plenty of stunning details about snorkeling in and around St. John, including passing reference to eels, squid, rays, silversides and parrotfish. The author eventually concludes that the creatures of St. John hold “the essence of serenity.”

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