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Spending The Holiday in The Beautiful USVI

If you’ve grown tired of your annual Christmas routine, consider doing something different during this year’s festive season. You should plan a trip to the US Virgin Islands. The US Virgin Islands offer an exceptional getaway to anyone who may want to escape the snow and slush that comes with the winter season.

Holidays in any one of these islands can be fun for wide-ranging reasons, including warm temperatures during the day and cool nights. Besides that, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy while in the US Virgin Islands during this year’s holidays, including local event celebrations. Below are some more reasons you should spend the holidays in the USVI this year.

No Passport Needed If You’re American

If you’re a US citizen, you may find traveling to the US Virgin Islands during the holidays quite convenient. Since they’re considered an American territory, any registered US citizen can access the islands without the need for any special documentation, including passports.

Americans visiting the USVI can rest assured that they can enjoy and access any amenities available in most American destinations. Although the main airport sits on St. Thomas, you can reach the islands of St. John and St. Croix easily by boat.

Christmas Traditions in the USVI

Enjoy Holidays in USVI

There are many ways to make your holiday season more memorable while in the US Virgin Islands, and you can start with the food. Standard Christmas Day treats in the USVI include ham, guava berry, and sweet bread. Besides the cuisines, you can also enjoy breathtaking live band performances of your favorite Christmas carols at the annual Challenge of the Carols competition at the Emancipation Garden in St. Thomas.

You may find sunsets on Charlotte Amalie Bay amusing. The location sports many restaurants and casual dining areas on the waterfront. A boat parade may also pass by the waterfront, throwing candy Christmas treats for the spectators to catch.

The Crucian Christmas Festival

The Crucian Christmas Festival and Carnival in St. Croix is a month-long celebration and among the most popular events in the US Virgin Islands. Events happening during this festival start on the first weekend of December and last to the first weekend of January.

The Crucian Christmas Festival can allow you to enjoy partying in the Caribbean and still spare time to spend the Christmas holidays in the States with your close friends and family. During the festivities, often in the cities of Frederiksted and Christiansted, you may see calypso shows and live Latin music performances. The events also feature street parties and parades.

Holiday Season Drinks

Spend Holidays in USVI

As aforementioned, handmade Guavaberry rum has a strong cultural value to holiday celebrations in the US Virgin Islands. The drink is made using recipes passed down to family generations.

It comprises guavaberries, rum, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, and secret ingredients of the family’s choosing. Essentially, these ingredients are placed together in a large glass carboy and left to blend for weeks until Christmas. Some families may leave it to blend until the following year for better aging.

The sentimental value of Guavaberry rum to the holiday cultural traditions in the USVI date back to the yesteryears of the local communities. Friends and families would go caroling house to house within the neighborhoods, and the participants would make small stops at each residence for snacks and a drink, which was a sample of the household’s Guavaberry rum recipe.

This tradition has remained strong in the local communities, and sometimes the family that made the best Guavaberry rum may receive recognition.

A Host of Other Activities You Can Enjoy

Besides participating in the local events, there are tons of other activities that you can enjoy, even by yourself, while in the USVI during this year’s holiday season. For instance, Trunk Bay on St. John is a top destination for snorkeling enthusiasts given its 225-foot long snorkeling path.

The islands also offer pristine beaches and a chance to enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, swimming, and hiking at Virgin Islands National Park. During your time in the USVI, you may also have the opportunity to see leatherback sea turtles at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge on St. Croix.

If you’re a history buff, you will love exploring and learning about the colonial history of the local communities in the US Virgin Islands. For instance, the island of St. Croix features the Estate Whim Plantation Museum and Fort Christiansvaern.

Why You Should Choose a Boat When in the US Virgin Islands for Your Holiday

Holidays in USVI

A charter cruise or boat may be the best way to tour the USVI during this year’s Christmas holiday season. Besides offering the convenience of having a fine-dining spot, luxurious lodging amenities, and entertainment all in one package, it can also guarantee your privacy as needed. Therefore, be sure to check out Sonic Charters’ boat inventory to find a vessel that can serve all your needs while on holiday.

Call us now and book your trip to enjoy Christmas in St Thomas.

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