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Travel Writers of New York Times Loves the US Virgin Island!

You know how we feel about the U.S. Virgin Islands. We love our island paradise so much that we have made it our lives’ mission to share it with you. 

But when the islands get a shout out from those hard-to-impress New York Times travel writers, we feel as if we have received confirmation from the most elite travelers in the world. If NYT likes us, we must be a big deal.

And they do like us. This can be evidenced by the countless articles they have published on the USVI throughout the decade. A few years ago, we made it on the list of 52 places to go to in the world. 

In that article, the reporter said that the USVI beaches were less crowded than other Caribbean island destinations. He went on to say that there seems to be an emphasis on the local over the commercial. He also mentioned that the USVI has a sense of neighborhood pride. 

A more recent article published in the NYT said that “you won’t find the kind of garish development that chokes other parts of the Caribbean.”

This lack of crowds and commercial development will allow you to focus on what we value most: our fantastic scenery. Let Sonic Charters share these breath-taking views with you. We will take you to our favorite spots for diving or snorkeling. 

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