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Boat Charter is a Perfect Choice Vacation for Couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you might be still thinking about making it memorable for you and the love of your life. You can consider many fancy options to spice things up for your Valentine’s Day this year and outdo your friends planning the traditional ways of celebrating love.

It is up to you to select the one that suits your desires and dream vacation. From splendor and beauty to the fun and excitement surrounding sailing vacations, a boat charter will guarantee the best couple experience.

Why Choose A Boat Charter

Choosing to sail for your Valentine’s Day is the most exciting thing to do as long as you and your date are not vulnerable to motion sicknesses, including seasickness. Getting a skippered boat or crewed yacht to cruise into secluded bays and explore romantic beaches is easy because you can walk into any boat charter in the US Virgin Islands and pick the one that suits your budget, taste, and privacy requirements.

When you hire the boat for your Valentine’s Day vacation, you are responsible for everything, including:

Hiring Qualified Crew

If you lack sailing experience and skills, you cannot sail in the sea or ocean without a qualified crew to avoid the risk of drowning. As you relax, swim, soak in romantic sunsets in the most magical honeymoon destinations in the USVI, you will need to ensure your vessel is operating at its peak for enhanced comfort and inexpressible luxury and experience.

The professionals make it possible for you to enjoy intimate moments in the cabin and on the deck in the middle of the sea. The captain, chef, and deckhand will provide a range of amenities such as:

  • Gourmet romantic foods and drinks
  • Water toys for water games
  • Housekeeping tasks

They will fuel the boat, making sure it makes as many trips to your dream coveted islands and destinations without fear of running out in the most unexpected points of the ocean. The crew will ensure you enjoy your Valentine’s Day vacation sailing. If it is a powerboat, the captain will ensure it is in perfect working condition to sail throughout the romantic water trip.

Choosing The Best Places to Visit

Apart from selecting the best boat and crew for your romantic getaway, a well-thought-out plan of the key-must-go dream destinations is necessary. It is vital to conduct extensive research of the desired places to know what to expect for your Valentine’s Day vacation.

The Beautiful Islands in The US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands has three to-go-to islands you can sail to for your romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day. It has distinctive beaches, luxury resorts, and beautiful parks that increase your pleasure and intimate moments.

You might choose to have fun experiences in different beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas Islands. The sparkling water, bounty coral reefs, and pristine beaches make the US Virgin Islands the best place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year.

One of the most celebrated destinations in the US Virgin Islands is Magens Bay for its photogenic and Instagrammable shores. Its pristine waters are very inviting for snorkeling, sailing, swimming, beach hopping, fishing, and more.  

Choose The Activities

Best Vacation

Prepare numerous fun or intimate activities to engage in as a couple while on the boat. You will be out in the sea aboard a boat with limited space for several hours so you need to bring entertainment you both enjoy. Traditional swimming and fishing might be boring or not your idea of pleasure. Here are a few suggestions to make your intimate couple time aboard memorable:

  • Enjoy a cruise to view the sunset or sunrise as you relax
  • Drink wine or champagne paired with healthy snacks
  • Listen to music for a calm and intimate atmosphere
  • Barbeque on board for bonding

In a nutshell, the best way to spice things up for your Valentine’s Day this year is to invest in a half or full-day sailing in a boat charter. If you think you spend too much for Christmas, you are yet to dig deeper into your pockets for a luxurious and romantic day to celebrate your love as a way to build your relationship. Choosing the best boat charter might make your sailing tour remarkable and intimate.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Aboard Sonic Charters’s Boat Charter

If you want to have an intimate Valentine’s Day sailing on the US Virgin Island, contact us at Sonic Charters. Choose one of our awesome boat rentals and sail away around the gorgeous islands of USVI to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day with your loved one.  

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