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There is a reason so many of us think of the open ocean as the ultimate symbol of freedom. When you can travel anywhere on the planet, buoyed only by the waves, checked only by the horizon, that’s living. Which may be why so many visitors to St. John come to us seeking a rental boat to call their own.

Our St. John boat rental packages let you see every inch of this beautiful region in any order you wish, any way you’d like. You can zip over to Waterlemon Cay, cut across to Trunk Bay, and back again, enjoying nothing but snorkeling, swimming and postcard vistas along the way. Or you could stop in to hit the bars of St. Thomas before jetting back out onto the open water for hours more of effortless relaxation.

Boats mean freedom, and our luxury rental boats give you the best cruises in the region. If you are looking for a true island experience that lets you see, hear and touch the very best sights of St. John and its Virgin Islands neighbors, contact the charter pros at Sonic today.

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