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Spend a few minutes digging through the Sonic Charters site, and you’ll find frequent mentions of one of our most popular services: cruise ship excursions in the USVI. It’s not uncommon for tourists to climb off a really big boat craving an experience that is closer to nature and the water.

Sonic Charters has been a leading service for cruise charters ever since we were founded, and today our reviews underscore just how pleasurable these charters can be. All of which is prelude to this widely reported story about an entire cruiseliner filled with stranded passengers this week in St. Thomas:

Passengers aboard the Carnival Liberty are getting an extra day in the U.S. Virgin Islands as authorities evaluate an engine that caught fire on board the cruise ship.

The fire broke out Monday while the ship was docked in St. Thomas. The ship was evacuated and there were no injuries. The fire was extinguished by the ship’s sprinkler system and people were allowed back on board in the evening.

There are few silver linings when a vacation gets disrupted, and fewer still when there is danger onboard. We’re thankful that everybody came out unscathed, and that the cruise line is doing the right thing with vouchers and accommodations for all involved.

If you’re here for a day or a week and want to experience something wholly different from today’s major cruise lines, contact Sonic to book a charter on a more human scale.

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