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The Weather in US Virgin Islands

One of the common questions people ask before going on vacation is about the weather for the place they are visiting. The United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is a beautiful and appealing area, making it among the top destinations in the Caribbean.

With a hot climate all year round, and a somewhat cooler period from December to April, the weather is splendid for tourists escaping the cold and snow since it doesn’t change much throughout the year.

Below are some facts about USVI’s weather and some tips on planning your vacation.


In the U.S. Virgin Islands, air temperatures range from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius. The hottest months are June, July, and August. The average temperatures in August range from 25.6 degrees Celsius to 32.2 degrees Celsius.

Sunshine lasts for at most nine hours a day. But you can visit some cool places, including the mangrove lagoon in Saint Thomas. You can get shade below the mangrove trees to protect you from the bright sun.

Therefore, if you’re planning to visit USVI, you should wear sun protection clothing, stay hydrated, and remain in the shade when the sun is at its peak. With excessive heat and rough weather, this may not be the best month to visit. The Island receives the minimum number of visitors during this period.

January is the coldest month. Despite the cold weather, the month registers a large number of tourists. The bright sun and calm waters are the best times during the month. Also, you can enjoy the relaxed and light breezes coming from the sea in the evenings.


The weather in USVI is dry from January to March, but rainfall starts from April to December, with June and July receiving little precipitation. September is the wettest month, and the average rainfall is about 142.2 mm. It rains for approximately 16 days a month.

You may have to wear sunglasses because the weather is hot and humid. During this month, you can enjoy attractive views of the waterfall amid lush greenery from mountain tops. You should check the weather forecast before planning your overnight camping because it might rain at any time.

In October, it rains for at least 15 days a month, and some days receive heavy rainfall, especially when there are storms. The month has healthy sunshine at an average of eight hours per day throughout the month. You should be in a jacket and bring an umbrella with you when you’re outdoors.

November receives less rainfall, at least one or two days in a month. The skies remain partly cloudy with plenty of sunshine. On the other hand, December offers pleasant weather, with low rainfall of about 76.2 mm. The climate is warm, and the sunny days and long day hours are the best if you wish to spend more time outdoors.

Water Temperature

During February, water temperatures are at an average of 26.1 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for swimming, sailing, and other water activities. You can visit the beach during morning hours to enjoy the mild waters flowing towards the shores.

Weather Hazards

The Virgin Islands are susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes from June to November. Wind speed may be slightly high during storms, and waves can be expected, making water activities risky.

Thunderstorms are moderate in December, and the overall atmosphere is peaceful. The winds are pleasant, and you can sail over the water to visit offshore areas.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the USVI is between December to April because these months tend to receive little to no precipitation, especially in January, February, and March.

The weather is dry, and the conditions are pleasant because there are no tropical storms. For this reason, you can swim or sail over the calm seawater to other parts of the region.

Additionally, the winds are moderate, making the atmosphere serene. Plus, with the bright sunshine, you can spend much of your time outdoors. Even though December is a wet season, the weather is still pleasant with moderate temperatures because the humidity is slightly lower.

What to Pack For Your Visit

If you plan to visit between December to April, you should bring the following on your USVI vacation;

  • Light clothes
  • A jacket
  • A scarf to protect you from the winds when sailing.

If your trip is from May to November, remember to pack the following;

  • Sunglasses for the intense sunlight in September
  • Sweatshirts
  • Lightweight clothing
  • An umbrella

Sweatshirts and light clothes provide comfort, especially during the day when there’s too much heat.

To Wrap It Up

Your visit to the U.S. Virgin Islands should be fantastic. The calm seawater and favorable winds between December and June should make your sailing, surfing, and other water activities enjoyable.

If you are craving a change of scenery this year, the USVI is the place to visit. All you have to do is call Sonic Charters. We’ll do everything to ensure you see the world through new eyes. We are just a phone call away!

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