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St. John’s Festival a Celebration of Freedom and Spirit of Life

The St. John’s Festival has been celebrated for more than 60 years! If you want to experience the local culture, this is the perfect time to do so. Plus, you will get to explore this stunning Caribbean Island! There is plenty of adventure waiting for you at St. John’s Island.

Sonic Charter can get you there and help you plan a fun trip for the 2021 festival. So, what do you need to know? Everything is below!

When is St. John’s Festival?

The carnival starts on June twenty-fifth and runs until July fourth of this year. There are plenty of events to check out during this time. You will get to see plenty of pageants and other shows. Plus, there is a wonderful parade to celebrate Emancipation Day on July third, then fireworks on July fourth.

Before that, you can enjoy the Food Fair and Carnival Village. There is a lot to see, so you won’t want to miss it!

Where Is It Held?

The festival is held on the smallest of the three Virgin Islands, St. John. The main events all take place in Cruz Bay, although you will find celebrations happening all over the island. Most of the activities are during the evening, giving you plenty of time to explore the beauty of the island during the day.

What is the St. John Festival?

The festival is one of the most anticipated events in the Virgin Islands each year. The carnival focuses on celebrating freedom and the spirit of life. You can experience plenty of parties, cultural music, food, drinks, and other fun events! There are opportunities for family-friendly activities as well.

If you want to experience the wonder of Caribbean culture, then you won’t want to miss out on the festival!

What are the Events Like?

There are plenty of fun events for you to enjoy! There are stunning costumes and pageants, delicious foods, and plenty of wonderful music for you to enjoy. Plus, the mass parade is at the center of the carnival.

Another popular event would include the carnival royalty pageant. These events select a carnival Prince and Princess, as well as a pageant Queen! Then you can also see steelpan shows (steel drum competitions), the Food Fair, and more. The Carnival Village includes a giant stage where you can witness amazing concerts.

These events have been taking place since the 1900s when the locals celebrated with masquerades. The first modern carnival was in 1945, where people met in Cruz Bay to enjoy delicious food and a massive parade. The celebration continued each year, growing slowly over time to span several days.

What You Can Find at the Food Fair

The St. John Food Fair is one of the largest events at the festival. Tons of people come to try an amazing assortment of mouth-watering meals. You will find plenty of local, cultural dishes that you can’t eat anywhere else!

The Food Fair has plenty of options. You can find lobster, fish, mango desserts, fruit juices, and cultural stews there. If you are interested in food and art, then you will surely enjoy your time at this event!

Historic Celebrations

The carnival is an example of several cultures combining and fusing into one. There are several samples of traditional European and African dances mixing together at these events. All of these traditions combine to make something truly unique to the Caribbean Islands.

There are plenty of dances and parades that include singing, chanting, drumming, and dressing up in costumes. You also will find plenty of street performers interacting with the audience. All of these celebrations are a wonderful mix of local cultures, evolving into something truly remarkable today.

We Can Get You There

Sonic Charters offers boat rentals and rides- which is perfect for exploring the island. You can enjoy the festival events in the evening and spend time in nature during the day. When you travel with us, you can also snorkel or check out some hidden coves.

St. John’s is beautiful at all times of the year. If you want to visit the island, there is always something to do and nature to explore! The island is the busiest during the carnival but is always stunning and a wonderful vacation option for everyone. 

If you want to have the time of your life at the St. John’s festival, be sure to schedule with us. We have everything you need to get the most out of your exciting trip!

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