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Travel bloggers all agree: The U.S. Virgin Islands is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the planet. 

We at Sonic Charters, wholeheartedly concur.

Several years ago, the premier travel bloggers from the Lonely Planet published a list of recommendations on what to see while visiting the USVI. At the top of the list was the Virgin Islands National Park. While most National Parks can boast of breathtaking scenery, the USVI National Park offers glorious views above and below the water. 

The Lonely Planet blogger especially recommended a trip to Trunk Bay Beach within the National Park. This beautiful arch of sand is home to a 225-yard snorkel trail that can’t be missed.

The bloggers also recommended Coki Beach, which is one of our favorite places on the northeast side of St. Thomas. This beach, near Redhook, has crystal-clear waters and is the perfect place for snorkeling or diving. Float on top to get a fantastic view of thousands of multicolored fish, or take a closer look beneath the waves while you amaze in the bounty of the Caribbean Ocean. 

As the premier boat rental company for the Virgin Islands, we love it when outsiders share our favorite spots on these beautiful islands. We love the USVI, and we want to share our favorite places with you.  

The best way to see these amazing spots is to rent a boat from Sonic Charters. We have the best rates in the region, and can’t wait to show you the sights and sounds that make St. John and St. Thomas such a paradise. 

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