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Things To Bring During A Boat Rental

Getting a boat rental to travel to the Virgin Islands is one of the best ways to explore the islands. Going to the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches on foot can be fun, but there’s something about going through the water on a large boat that makes things even more enjoyable. 

Seeing the islands from the boat can be a unique way to explore the area and perhaps see something that isn’t on your map or part of an online top ten list. Hiring a boat isn’t tricky, and with the right company and captain, having a rented boat can only improve your trip.

But if you’ve never been on a boat before, you might be wondering what you should bring. Planning for supplies to bring on a boat isn’t that different from planning the rest of your vacation, and once you have it planned, you can sit back and enjoy the boat ride.

Food and Water

If you are willing to shell out some extra bucks, some boats either have lunch or breakfast included. If the boat you hire does not come with these amenities, you’ll need to bring your own food and water. 

Think about how long you will be out on the water and your schedule for the day. You’ll pack a different meal when you are on the water for a few hours vs. the meal you’d pack for only a few minutes taking the boat to a new destination.

The food you pack should be easy to eat, picnic-style food. Think sandwiches, bags of chips, fruit, and other easy to eat finger foods. 

Additionally, you’ll need to think about water. Even though you’ll be surrounded by water, you won’t be able to drink a drop, so you’ll need to have some handy. A water bottle or two per person should be helpful.


Even if you are going out onto the water on a nice cloudy day, you will still need to bring some sunscreen with you. The clear water can act as a mirror and can reflect the sun up at you, potentially giving you double the sun exposure.

If you don’t want to get sunburned, then make sure to apply sunscreen as often as possible. Wearing a hat, swim shirt, or another article of clothing to cover up your swimsuit and skin can support your skin’s protection. Having protected skin can also help you focus on the views from the boat and not whether you are about to get a sunburn.

Towels and blankets

Sure, it’s fun to rent a boat to sit on it and watch the world go by, but having a rented boat can also be a fun way to get some swimming done! Most regular swimmers won’t be able to swim out towards where a boat can take you, so you’ll have a good section of the ocean all to yourself.

If you do end up taking a dip in the ocean, you’ll want to bring towels to dry off with. Even if you don’t go swimming, spray from the boat knifing through the water can sometimes get onto the deck. It’s better to bring the towels and be dry than to not have them and get soaked!

Having some blankets as well can be helpful, especially if you are taking a nighttime tour around the Virgin Islands. Being able to watch the sunset while snuggled up close to a loved one is something everyone should experience at least once.

A Camera

This one is self-explanatory, and while you don’t want to get so caught up in taking pictures you ignore your trip, renting a boat can lead to unique views. Having a camera or camera app ready to snap a few photos can be really helpful in capturing a few memories. Just make sure to hold your camera away from the water!

Bring the essentials, leave with the memories

The things you will need to bring with you for your boat rental will depend on the type of boat you choose to rent. Make sure to research and check with our company to see what type of boat you want to rent for your trip, and we’ll tell you everything we offer.

Then you can bring the rest of your supplies yourself, and focus on having a wonderful time on the water. Whether you are renting a boat to go swimming, to see some off-map sites, or just to get away from land for a bit, you’ll be able to make some good memories.

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