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Popular activities for USVI Visitors

We always laugh when we see tour websites attempt to come up with a list of the most popular activities in the U.S. Virgin Islands. People don’t travel here for our Broadway-style theaters. They don’t come here to find the largest libraries or biggest living history museums.

Millions of visitors travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands because they have seen images of our beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets, and, of course, our crystal clear turquoise water.

So what’s popular to do while visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands? If you come here, you must get out on the water! Let Sonic Charters help you experience the beautiful Caribbean in luxury.

You will see from our Trip Advisor reviews that our customers love us. One recent reviewer even said, “book this now or you might regret it! You will have an amazing day!!!” (And yes, the reviewer used three exclamation marks on that last sentence.)

What else do you do besides book a day to explore the seas with Sonic Charters? You must get IN the water. Go snorkeling, either off the back of one of our boats or off the coast of one of our beaches. You will experience fantastic visibility that will allow you to see vibrant, colorful sea creatures.

Finally, spend time on one of our pristine white-sand beaches. Grab an umbrella, order a drink, and wriggle your toes in the sand.

If you have to refer to a website to find the top activities in the USVI, you are trying too hard. This isn’t that kind of vacation. Book with Sonic Charters and spend the rest of the time on the islands enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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