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Preserving The Environment While Enjoying and Relaxing in USVI

Sustainability is the key to enjoying things for generations to come. There are so many wonderful things to do and see in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and so many of them can help support and sustain the local environment. That way you’ll have an island that’s beautiful for generations more.

The natural wonder of the island makes it relatively easy to find amazing things to do. The U.S. Virgin Islands has 6 national parks across its 3 islands that are incredible to visit. You’ll have your pick of aquatic wonder by visiting the region’s bio-diverse reefs or going hiking in the almost 12,000 acres of protected land. 

Many of the things readily visited already help the island environment without you realizing it. There’s no shortage of activities to choose from.

Visit the Natural Wonder

The national parks are a fantastic way of being at one with the island’s nature. You have incredible options for sailing, as well as kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling. 

Visiting the local nature, like Trunk Bay Beach, is one of the many natural wonders of the island. You can snorkel their underwater trail and bask in the turquoise water of the area. However, another fantastic place to visit if you want to become one with the island is the St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon.

At the east end of St. Thomas island is a series of protected sites, including the island’s mangrove lagoon. It’s a series of small islands with mangrove trees surrounding them. Mangroves are trees whose roots lift the trunks above water and form a complex ecology that is home to birds, fish, as well as sea turtles. 

Kayak tours are available for the mangrove lagoon, which will provide you an upfront experience with the island’s wildlife. You can come face-to-face with these beautiful creatures. One of the other amazing things inside the lagoon is a geological blowhole. Snorkeling options are also available.

Eat Sustainably With Local Cuisine

The food on the Virgin Islands has an amazing selection, and St. Thomas boasts of having some of the best food in the Caribbean. Because it’s an island, the local restaurants have to be mindful of where to source their food. Many restaurants offer incredibly fresh ingredients by either growing their own or getting them farm-fresh. 

You’ll have access to some lovely colorful peppers and fresh herbs, picked minutes before they’re served to you. The blend of cultures that have crossed the island over its centuries of inhabitance also lends incredible variety to the foods you’ll find. There are wonderful brunch places, like Bella Blu, which serves Austrian and Belgian cuisine. Though you can find amazing Caribbean food (you are in the Caribbean, after all) at Glady’s Café.

If you want to be additionally careful with your cuisine choices, knowing a bit about the local species will help. To do so, avoid ordering local species, like the Caribbean lobster and conch, as well as reef fish, like grouper or snapper. These are strained wildlife populations. Instead order fish that live in open waters, like dorado or barracuda, which are themselves incredibly tasty.

Sustainability Tips

In addition to the wonderful sites you can see that support sustainability on the island, you can do a few smaller things that will go a long way towards keeping the islands in good shape.

Cutting down plastic usage is a big thing. This like carrying a reusable water bottle or even a plastic cup and straw while visiting bars will make a huge difference. If you’re staying for an extended period, having reusable bags when grocery shopping will help a lot too.

When going to the beach, you want to keep your items dry. That’s a no brainer, but instead of using Ziploc bags, you can invest in reusable waterproof cases. You’ll be able to use them again and again while keeping your phone safe and dry.

Being mindful of the sunscreen you choose will help the aquatic life in the area. Natural sunscreen is best, as oxybenzone, a common ingredient in commercial sunscreen, is toxic to wildlife. If you re-stock on sunscreen while on the islands, you won’t need to worry since they regulate the brands available to ensure they’re safe. However, you can still cut down the amount of chemicals introduced to the water by using coverings, like a hat or sun-protective clothing, such as a rash guard.


Vacations are a time to relax and unwind—to escape from our busy lives. Adopting eco-friendly vacationing habits or visiting sustainable sites is incredibly simple and easy to do. While it’s available, you can still make a big difference without going so far as doing voluntourism activities, like scheduled beach cleanups.

You’ll get the best of both, since it won’t be much strain for you while helping to support the island’s livelihood, and your relaxation spot, for generations to come.

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