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Treat Yourself In The Virgin Islands (America’s Paradise)

If you’re looking for a memorable tropical getaway, you should consider visiting the US Virgin Islands, popularly referred to as America’s paradise. The tropical paradise is an ideal destination if you’re looking to travel to a place that feels exotic while offering that homey feeling.

There’s a lot to enjoy in the US Virgin Islands, including pristine beaches and natural scenery, crystal blue waters, and the volcano-formed terrain. Moreover, if you’re an American citizen, you may not need a passport, foreign currency, or learn the local language to tour the islands.

Additionally, the US Virgin Islands is easily accessible, sporting two busy airports, a vibrant cruise port, and an array of harbors where small ships and boats can dock. The US Virgin Islands comprises four islands, and each promises a unique tourist experience. 

Here’s a look at how you can enjoy and pamper yourself while in the Virgin Islands.

Hike the Day Away

If enjoying nature in its raw form excites you, then you should consider visiting St. John. While there, you can take a tour at the Virgin Islands National Park, which provides access to over 20 trails and promenades that twist beautifully through ruins.

The Ram Head Trail promises breathtaking views, and the Francis Bay Trail is an ideal location for bird-watching enthusiasts. Consider visiting the Yawzi Point Trail to have a glimpse of its colonial ruins and enjoy its rocky beaches. Hassel Island in St. Thomas sports interpretive trails, unique military ruins, and various wild animals, including tortoises and iguanas.

Go to the Local Fare

The US Virgin Islands is awash with cuisines that can stimulate your taste buds, with most cookery inspired by European, American, and African palates. Head out to Red Hook, which seats on the east side of the island, if you’re planning on visiting St. Thomas.

Here, you’ll find a wide selection of bars and restaurants that offer well-crafted cocktails and fresh, locally-made seafood. If you visit St. Croix, you may get the chance to enjoy local cookery, including;

  • Callaloo, otherwise called meat-stuffed roti
  • Johnnycakes
  • Conch fritters

Explore Life Underwater

There are loads of activities for you to enjoy off the coast of the US Virgin Islands in its warm, clear waters. You can start your excursion by visiting the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument that’s located next to the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John. This destination can allow you to explore the beautiful marine life thriving in the contorted mangrove roots.

Off the shore of St. Croix, you can visit the Buck Island Reef National Monument, which offers a haven for migratory birds and hawksbill sea turtles. On St. Thomas, be sure to visit the Coral World Ocean Park, which is considered one of the island’s major tourist attractions. If you enjoy up close and personal encounters with exotic marine life, then this destination’s a must-visit for you.

Treat Yourself to a One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience

You can find unique places to shop for and find one-of-a-kind memorabilia throughout St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix. If you’re looking for a high-end shopping experience, you should head to St. Thomas. Its bustling town center can provide access to;

  • Jewelry
  • Fine china
  • Perfumes, and
  • Watches at discounted prices.

While here, you should consider visiting Rothschild Francis Market Square to shop for fresh, locally-grown fruits such as mangoes and papayas. You can also find local boutiques that sell handicrafts, locally-made jewelry, and art. St. John too has treats for shopping enthusiasts, which you can find in Cruz Bay. Here, you can sample locally produced rum, chocolate, or wine as you enjoy your day and pamper yourself.

Enjoy the Beach

If you’re craving a nice day at the beach enjoying the sunshine and relaxing breeze, the US Virgin Islands is known for its pristine beaches. Some of the breathtaking beaches in the world sit on any one of these islands, including Trunk Bay Beach in St. John and Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas.

Magens Bay Beach can provide you with access to a bar and restaurant as well as lounge chair rentals, water sports equipment, and clean restrooms. The essentials you may expect from a beach excursion are also available, including swaying palm trees, white sand, and calm, turquoise waters.

Trunk Bay Beach, found inside the Virgin Islands National Park, is yet another must-visit destination. It’s regarded as one of the gorgeous beaches in the world, and it features an underwater snorkeling trail as well as all the amenities you would need on a beach.

Parting Shot

The above-named activities are some of the major attractions that you can use to pamper yourself during your vacation to the US Virgin Islands. Other activities you may enjoy during your stay include taking historical tours.

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