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How To Start Travel Journey in USVI

It’s time to escape the problems of the world and head to a tropical paradise. Here are some tips on how to make your next trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands an unforgettable experience

Spend wisely

Savvy travelers know how to get more bang for their buck. They search for opportunities to pay one flat fee for an entire day’s experience. That’s one benefit of booking a boat through Sonic Charters. 

Instead of paying for cab rides, ferries, beach entry fees, and snorkeling gear rental to explore our island, smart travelers realize it is much more cost-effective and enjoyable to hang out with us for the day. Our boat captains know the best spots to explore, and they can customize your experience, so you spend the day as you wish. 

Renting a boat for the day is more affordable than you would think, especially if you divide the cost among each member of your party. Some of our packages also include snacks, lunch, and an open bar.

Learn how to avoid crowds.

Not to sound grumpy, but sometimes people ruin our favorite locations. This is true for every tourist destination in the world. You look forward to seeing the Mona Lisa only to catch a glimpse of it over the heads of a hundred other art lovers, and the traffic through some of the National Parks has gotten out of control.

That’s another benefit of booking a charter boat through Sonic. We know the cruise line schedules, and we know when our beaches will be full of cruise line passengers trying to get in a few hours of beach time before heading back to the ship. 

Contact the USVI travel experts at Sonic Charters. We know and love our islands and will give you other travel tips to enhance your time on St. Thomas.

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