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Sportfishing in USVI

Sportfishing is one of the world’s favorite pastimes, and the US Virgin Islands is one of the best locations for it. With a number of fishing world records being set in the Virgin Islands, you should definitely consider chartering a boat during your next visit if you are interested in sportfishing. 

Even if you aren’t interested in sportfishing yet, take advantage of the beautiful scenery and exotic fish while in the USVI to see what all the hype is about. Between the fun fishing and beautiful scenery, sportfishing in the USVI certainly is one of the best vacation pastimes available. Luckily, there are boat charter options that make sportfishing fun and safe!

Can I Sportfish In The USVI? 

Yes! In fact, not only can you sportfish in the USVI, but it is one of the best locations for doing so. To date, 24 sportfishing world records have been set from this beautiful location. You don’t have to be experienced to sportfish here either. There are tons of beginner, as well as expert, options to get your feet wet first. 

Do I Need A Fishing License? 

No. You do not need a fishing permit if you are a recreational fisher within the US Virgin Islands (though you do for the British Virgin Islands). Recreational fishing includes people who fish to provide food for their family or themselves. It also includes people who catch and release the fish. Any sale of caught fish does not count as recreational fishing.  

There are a variety of rules and regulations about what you can and cannot fish, as well as fishing techniques. Your captains and mates will be well versed in what is allowed and what is not. For example, you cannot harvest, possess, or harass endangered species, such as sea turtles or Goliath groupers. 

You can learn more about fishing in the US Virgin Islands using this easy fishing regulations guide

Sportfishing In USVI 

Sportfishing in the US Virgin Islands is one of the best activities you can do. If you are tired of sitting on the beach, charter a boat to try sportfishing today. 

Fish Variety Options 

The fish variety around the US Virgin Islands depends on the time of year. This area is most known for billfish, including blue marlin, white marlin, and sailfish. The world’s famous North Drop is one of the best locations for billfish. You can access North Drop from either St. Thomas or St. John

June through October, you can catch a lot of baitfish off Lang Bank, which is a drop-off with cool waters and strong currents. This drop-off is another popular spot for billfish sportfishing. During the winter, you can spot a variety of unique ocean life at the drop-offs. This includes dolphins, tuna, and wahoo. 

Year round, you can find amberjack, bonefish, grouper, kingfish, mackerel, tarpon, and snappers closer inshore. 

Boat Charter Options 

Generally speaking, you will have two choices to choose from if you want to charter a boat for sportfishing. You can either select a half day trip or a full day trip. Both trip options will be led by captains and mates who know all about the local area, fishing, and safety. 

Half day trips can either be hosted in the morning or afternoon, depending on your preference. Most half day trips include inshore fishing simply because of the limited time. All day fishing excursions, however, take you out to the drop off so you can fish for bigger varieties. Between the two boat charter options, full day excursions will be more expensive because of the additional food and time. 

Billfish Conservation 

The Virgin Islands has been the world leaders in billfish conservation. They promote a catch and release program that ensures the survival of the species. They also place research tags in billfish, allowing scientists to learn about these creatures without disrupting their natural habitat. 

For example, blue marlins tagged within US Virgin Island waters have been found around Africa and North Carolina. These locations tell scientists facts about their migration patterns. 

Let Us Show You The USVI By Boat

Although sitting on the beach certainly is relaxing, it can be a bit boring after awhile. Get a thrill by sportfishing in the US Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands are some of the top locations for sportfishing, making it a must on your next vacation. 

Don’t go at it alone, though. Contact Sonic Charters to view the US Virgin Islands by boat, all while sportfishing in some of the top locations for the pastime. 

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