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Things To Do in St. Thomas

A spectacular paradise with Danish, British, and U.S. influences, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a heaven on earth. It’s arguably the most beautiful of the three islands forming the overseas U.S. territory. The island attracts multiple vacationers due to the numerous activities present. There’s something for everyone, from pretty beaches to stunning harbors to breathtaking scenery to historic buildings.

Although a small island, St. Thomas has lots in store for you to discover. The European influences and Caribbean scenery blend seamlessly to offer rich history, culture, and traditions. And as the gateway to the Caribbean, St. Thomas is the ideal place to start your expedition to the surrounding British and American Virgin Islands. Before then, here are some unexpected things to do while on the island.

Ascend the 99 Stone Steps

A trip to St. Thomas will be incomplete without visiting Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Besides its seamless blend of breathtaking scenery, thriving city life, and exciting nightlife, the port hosts one of the island’s most fascinating streets.

The 99 steps are a set of stone steps built by the Danish. Although named 99, the actual step count is more. Climbing these steps will see you reach the top of a lookout point that gives stunning views of the coastal region below.

Don’t forget to indulge in Caribbean meals like island slayer creole on the popular joints along the street. And with a guided tour, you’ll unearth colonial history while walking the steps.

Re-Discover History at Hassel Island

The Hassel Island is a historic island that once existed as a peninsula connected to St. Thomas. It features stunning hiking trails and ruins dating back to the colonial period when the British and Danish ruled the territory.

The ruins are the perfect way to brush up on the area’s history. There’s an ancient Danish Prince Frederiks Battery, a garrison house, and enlisted barracks. A trip to this location will make its crucial military role in the colonial era apparent.

While military ruins offer a great piece of history, you’ll also find maritime ruins with a similar effect. Moreover, Hassel Island has multiple legendary stories surrounding sea captains, the American revolution, and coaling ladies.

Go to Blackbeard’s Tower and Discover Pirate History

Joining the list of unusual things to do in St Thomas is a visit to Blackbeard’s Tower. Here, you’ll get to sample some of the island’s pirate history.

Although known as the castle, Blackbeard’s Tower is quite simple. It was first built in 1679 by Danish colonialists to be a watchtower. However, it ended up with the name of an infamous Caribbean Pirate, Blackbeard.

Look Out for the Charlotte Amalie Synagogue

Visiting the St. Thomas Synagogue finds its way to our list of unusual things to do in St Thomas due to its peculiarity. The Jewish synagogue is an uncommon sight in the Caribbean, which shows the diverse cultural nature of the island’s population and history.

The Charlotte Amalie synagogue is the oldest one in the Caribbean and the Americas. It’s an interesting historical place to discover, even for those with no religious connections.

Go Under the Water at Coral World Ocean Park

Here comes a fun activity that lets you go under the water without getting wet. At Coral World Ocean Park, you can check out marine life on the observation deck below the seas.

Visit the ocean park and stand amidst a stunning environment. Now is also the chance to learn about the vast marine life that calls the Caribbean waters home. You’ll get to see multiple marine life in one place, and the kids can learn a thing or two from education projects.

Go on a Sailing Adventure and Discover Hidden Gems

St. Thomas has a vast coastline to traverse. The only way to fully explore it is via a sailboat. Rent out a boat and watch as the captain steers you to the best places for kayaking or snorkeling. Need a tranquil place to relax? You can go to quiet beaches with minimal tourist traffic. And if adventure’s what you’re looking for, try out a parasailing excursion and admire the island’s beautiful coastal views high behind a sailing speedboat.

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