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Stuck in a rut? It’s no wonder. We jam-pack our schedules, cramming activities into every free space until life becomes a daily race from morning coffee to conking out exhausted on the couch late at night. A great way to get back in touch with yourself and find the beauty in life is to plan a solo travel getaway. Getting outside your comfort zone will re-energize and build self confidence by testing your limits. Solo travel can be a great means to re-discovering yourself, whether you’re looking out over secluded vistas, or meeting new faces in friendly bars. See the world through new eyes with a trip to the Virgin Islands.


  • Get back in touch with nature. Escape everyday life stressors (like incessant technology notifications) by immersing yourself in nature-rich islands. With a national park covering two thirds of the island, St. John is an optimal place to get back in nature. Hike up Peace Hill, St. John, and soak in the amazing views at the top. Or explore the double sided beach and tidal pool of Mermaid’s Chair, St. Thomas.
  • Go glamping. Experience luxury-meets-camping at Anegada Beach Club. It’s desert island meets rich accommodations. Swing in the hammock of your own eco tent and enjoy the private island feel. This BVI getaway is the island’s best-kept secret. Plus, it’s off the beaten path, so you wind up meeting other guests at the various bars and restaurants, making new friends as you go.
  • Get involved with voluntourism. Try voluntourism and travel with purpose. Get involved with local recovery efforts and do something that makes an impact, like coral restoration or measuring seedlings in mangroves. Pick from programs that best match your personality, such as Purpose in Paradise and Luggage for Life. Or fill out the Voluntourism Online Registration Form to be matched with a project while you travel.
  • Take a solo cruise. Cruise to St. Thomas on a Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Cruise ships offer many activities and shore excursions to stay active and engaged. You can even request to dine with other solo travelers and make friends while you travel the ocean.
  • Couchsurf. Couchsurfing can be a fun and free way to explore a new place as you stay with friends you haven’t met yet. Already have somewhere to stay? Some couch surfers are just available to hang out, acting as a tour guide in their own home town.

*Take responsibility for your personal safety anytime you’re traveling. Exercise precautions and check out Couchsurfing’s safety tips.

  • Stay safe. Take extra care when traveling solo. Be sure a family member or friend knows exactly where you’ll be each day, along with a number and address to contact you and ensure you arrive safely.
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