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Key Things You Should Do For a Great Island Vacation

Every vacation is different but when you hit the islands there are some key things you should do to make sure you get the most out of your island time! Above all else, be respectful of the landscape and people on your island vacation and you’ll end up having a great time no matter where you roam!


While it’s tempting to pack your time on the island or beach with every conceivable tour and experience, take time to simply sit back and relax. So often vacationing turns into timelines and schedules and you’re left feeling more exhausted than when you left home!

Rather than running from one task to another while on your vacation, plan and schedule specific times for relaxation within your vacation. This allows you to relax and get the most out of your time on the island or at the beach. By planning this time out instead of just hoping it will happen, you’ll be able to more adequately balance your adventure and relaxation time!

Eat Local

Going to new places means you’ll be sure to encounter new cultures and new cultures bring a whole new spin on good food! Step out of your comfort zone and encounter something unique on your next vacation.

Check-in with the people at your hotel or Airbnb to get the down-low on the best local eateries. This is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. There’s a good chance that many local places on the island won’t have your traditional chicken strips and fries so ask them what their specialty is and give it a shot!

Get Out on the Water

What’s an island vacation without spending some time on or in the water? Whether you decide to go swimming, snorkeling, or go out on a boat rental, there’s plenty of ways to encounter the water!

All of these activities require some pre-planning and organization so look ahead at where you’ll be staying and book your adventure with plenty of advance notice. This also gives you a chance to purchase any additional equipment you’ll need or prepare yourself before diving in. While most water adventure companies will provide everything, if it’s something you want to do yourself or you want to continue doing after your vacation, you may want to purchase things on your own.

Go Shopping

One of the best ways to experience the island or beach locale is to engage with locals at the market! You’ll be able to find plenty of great souvenirs or other knick-knacks to add to your collection.

These markets, whether big or small, are where locals often gather and where you’ll be able to chat with them face to face. If you want to get a feel for your island or locale, check out the market! With plenty of people, all gathered in one place, you’ll have so many opportunities to talk and chat with them outside of the context of your vacation.

Get Active

What’s a vacation without a few new activities! You’ll be able to find a whole host of activities that will run the range from table tennis to cocktail tasting within your vacation rental.

Choose what works for you and your schedule but keep your ultimate goal of rest in mind. Instead of packing in as many tours and tastings as possible, space them out and give yourself and your family time to relax and enjoy the downtime. 

Make it Permanent

Going out on vacation has several different purposes. You may want to just relax, rest, and recuperate or you may be there to just experience everything on offer. Whatever your choice, the best way to keep the memories of your trip alive is to come back with something changed!

This can be as simple as adding a new tattoo to your collection, taking a class in the local cuisine when you return, or spending time researching the local flora and fauna even back at home. Don’t let the memories of your time on vacation fade into just a few pictures in the back of a photo album. Let experiencing a new culture and area of the world change you for the better and make that change permanent!


Booking a vacation should give you plenty of time to explore as well as rest and relax! It takes some hands-on work to plan before you leave but you’ll be glad you experienced a whole new world!

This article was originally posted at Sonic Charters.

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