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You’re having an awesome vacation on St. Thomas. The crystal clear turquoise water, beautiful white sand beaches and amazing tropical sunsets lull you into a complete state of relaxation. This is the vacation you have been dreaming about. You’ve gotten into an island routine of sleeping in, lounging around, swimming, sipping cocktails, and watching the sun go down.

As great as it is, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What should we do next?” The couple you meet at the breakfast buffet mention the fantastic St. Thomas boat rental they just took through Sonic Charters. They rave about how cool their local captain was; how he seemed to know the most fun snorkeling spots. The boat has all the gear you could need for that. Unlike most charter boats, they tell you how their boat was rocking to their favorite tunes with the boat’s amazing sound system and how comfortable they were with the boat’s ample seating. Not to mention the freshwater washdown so you could rinse off the saltwater after your swim and snorkel.

Surprisingly, with the first class service and superior amenities, your new friends are pumped about how reasonable the rental prices are. The price point coupled with all Sonic Charters has to offer seals their 5-star TripAdvisor review on this St. Thomas and St. John charter rental. You’re sold, and while you’re pumping yourselves up for your personal party cruise, you put together a list of tunes that you’re going to sit back and chill to when you’re on board. Your top 5 picks for your St. Thomas boat rental adventure are feel-good classics:

Feeling Alright As you disembark from the dock, Joe Cocker sums it up for you. You’re feeling great and it’s only getting better as you leave the crowded beaches behind.

“5 O’Clock Somewhere” Alan Jackson, with Jimmy Buffet, encourages you to pop open a cold one, gaze at the horizon and let your cares drift away.

Peaceful Easy Feeling Approaching the Caves of Norman Island, getting ready to grab a mooring ball and do some snorkeling, the Eagles sum up your totally relaxed state of mind.

“Changes in Latitude” After an excellent swim (wow those fish were amazing!), this tune removes any remnants of stress or tension you might have been clinging on to. Jimmy Buffett’s song about changing attitudes has you singing out loud.

“Rock the Boat” To get your blood pumping, Hues Corporation timeless classic keeps your party cruising.

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