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It was a thing for a few days there: a helicopter circling our fair St. Thomas, buzzing the shorelines and otherwise confusing our boat rental guests. Now it seems the mystery has been put to bed:

A television film crew from the Smithsonian Channel was behind the controls of that black helicopter seen flying over St. Thomas on Monday and on St. Croix on Tuesday. They were filming for the station’s series, “Aerial America,” which showcases all 50 states, and now the territory and Puerto Rico, from the air. […]

“The program we were filming over St. Thomas will explore the island’s rich history, from pre-colonial times right up until today, and tell the stories behind many of the USVI’s great landmarks. We are also currently filming across Puerto Rico, including Mona Island, Vieques and Culebra,” Beach said.

Two points to note here:

1. It is fitting that St. Thomas and its splendor should be the subject of documentary filmmakers who want to see this beautiful island from the air in the finest HD possible.

2. It is a nice comment on our quiet and pristine environment that a single helicopter should have attracted so much attention. You wouldn’t hear much controversy about a similar helicopter in New York, Miami or Los Angeles. Life here is just a little more peaceful.

If you want to see from the water what the Smithsonian hopes to capture from the air, you can’t do better than a St. Thomas boat rental package. Contact us today to plan your visit with us.

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