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The Danes are peeved. That’s the takeaway from this amusing article from London’s Telegraph, describing the lingering regret many in Denmark feel about “giving up” the U.S. Virgin Islands to, well, the U.S. “They can’t believe how they lost their wonderful colony in the Caribbean sunshine, yet still clung on to freezing cold Greenland,” goes one well-placed quote.

Can you blame them? The USVI is a year-round paradise that attracts tourists, travelers and seekers from around the globe. St. John comes in for some love as well, with the article noting that:

[T]he Virgin Islands National Park delivers the Caribbean holiday dream to more than 400,000 visitors a year. Trunk Bay is its most lauded attraction, one of two well-kept Blue Flag beaches with lifeguards, showers and snorkel rental, with a small admission fee charged.

Do you want to see the Virgin islands, including St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix from the waters of the Caribbean? Rent a boat in the Virgin Islands and we’ll show you everything that keeps our Danish friends up at night. You can always go to Greenland next summer.

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