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st. john travel ideas
One of the joys of offering St. John boat rentals to our farflung visitors is helping them explore everything the island has to offer. Many people already know that St. John offers superlative snorkeling, sea turtles and beaches.

But they don’t always know their history.

This recent article offers a guide to some of the most beautiful man-made artifacts throughout the Virgin Islands, including our own Taino carvings:

Most of St. John is covered by the 7,000-acre-plus Virgin Islands National Park, which is chock full of both natural and man-made wonders.

The Reef Bay Trail descends more than 900 feet from its head as it passes four abandoned sugar plantations. The highlights of the trip, however, are the ancient rock carvings created by the Taino people, who inhabited the island continuously from 1200 A.D. until roughly the 1550s.

There’s plenty more, of course, including entire day trips to see all the sights. But if you want to see the entire island at once, there’s nothing better than an afternoon on one of our St. John boat charters.

To learn more and book your own St. John visit, contact us today.


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