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St. John is like any popular locale: it has its crowd pleasers and its hidden gems. Among the crowd pleasers are such marquee attractions as Cruz Bay and Honeymoon Bay. Among the hidden gems is a lesser known beach known as Cinnamon Bay.

To those who know and love this quiet stretch of beach, Cinnamon is a revelation: a place away from the crowds that nonetheless delivers serious fireworks in the view department. This TripAdvisor page spells out just a few of its many charms:

Our first beach expedition on St. John took us to this absolutely beautiful beach with soft white sand and turquoise waters. The beach is within the boundaries of the Virgin Island National Park and there is no charge.

Like any beach, there are a few ways to get there. We prefer a rental boat, not least because you can skip the overland trek and enjoy beautiful ocean views all the way up to the mouth of the area.

Our St. John charter boats are comfortable and well-appointed, staffed by professional captains who can help you build the perfect itinerary in advance or on the spot. To see St. John and Cinnamon Bay the way they’re meant to be seen, contact Sonic Charters today.

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