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There are two ways to get to any beach: walk, or swim. Those who walk are typically in for a long trek through virgin undergrowth – or, failing that, a long stroll through a sweltering parking lot.

Swimming is better.

At Sonic Charters, we love showing our guests how easy it is to get everywhere when you have a rental boat at your command. Our full-day excursions bring visitors everywhere they want to go, from hidden coves to some of the most heavily-trafficked destinations in the region.

You can dine in endless luxury on the deck of one of our charter yachts, or zip over for a taste of local fare. As one source put it:

Enjoying libations by the water’s edge is a must-do part of almost any Caribbean vacation and the U.S. Virgin Islands provides travelers with a multitude of opportunities to enjoy a casual drink at along the sandy shores.

To see and drink everything the USVI has to offer, please contact the rental boat experts of Sonic Charters today.

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