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Yet another recent travelogue from the continental U.S. unfolds like a love letter to snorkeling in St. John. This one focuses on a resort called Caneel Bay, singling out the unique underwater experience:

[A] couple clad in snorkel gear dramatically break through the calm surface of the Caribbean like a pair of mythical sea creatures. . . .They raise their snorkel masks, gulp some fresh air and start talking at once about their underwater exploits. Did you see the size of that sea turtle? Wow, that stingray got so close!

The piece subtly suggests that you need to book a room to see this sight in person, but the truth is that any boat can motor up at any time. Once you cut the engine and plunge into the crystal waters of Honeymoon Beach, you are utterly immersed in the very same wonderland as the author herself.

When you rent a St. John charter boat with Sonic Charters, we can take you anywhere and everywhere, no room fees required. Relax on our generously padded seating, or dive in and experience a submarine dreamscape. It’s your choice.

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