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Travel sites love to wax on about St. John and St. Thomas, not least because both islands offer the sort of pastel vistas normally reserved for dream sequences in movies.

Every once in a while we like to highlight a first-person account of travel to the USVI, especially if it contains language that really captures what makes our islands so special. Take this passage, for instance:

Imagine a gentle ocean breeze as you sit under a palm tree dipping your toes in the crystal clear water that is just the right temperature. Or maybe putting on a mask and snorkeling through hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish. At the end of the day take in the fiery red sunset as the massive sun sinks into the distant horizon. If you are not convinced yet, you have got to take a trip to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean Sea.

The author, a frequent visitor, goes on to make some recommendations, but saves his highest praise for St. John itself:

I have to admit that I prefer the U.S. Virgin Islands and especially the beautiful island of St. Johns of which half of it is a National Park.

When our guests want to book a rental boat in the Virgin Islands, St. John is often the first name on their lips. We understand why, which is the reason we run so many tours to and through the finest beaches in the island for our guests.

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