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During the summer months we tend to see a drastic drop off in tourism. Much less cruise ship traffic and not so many tourists wandering around or driving on the wrong side of the road which usually means a quiet few months for our charter business. This summer, however was one for the record books and we have our St Thomas cruise ship excursions to thank for this!

While the cruise ship arrivals do die down due to “hurricane season” we still get a few ships each week.  It seems like a lot of people that go on cruises are not aware that private, non- ship related cruise ship excursions are an option so we’ve been working hard to spread the word about Sonic Charters St. Thomas cruise ship excursions. We offer completely custom excursions and are very flexible in accommodating each group based on the time frame their ship is in port. Whether it be a full day charter, half day charter, or  something in the middle, we work with each group to come up with a fair price and give endless suggestions for itinerary options. We also provide complimentary provisioning for our cruise ship groups. We don’t want people to spend their few precious hours stopping at the store for snacks and beer so as long we have a few days notice, we can grab anything and have it on the boat that day. We simply add the cost of the items to the total at the end of the day; there’s no extra charge for our shopping. Now that’s service, right?!

It seems like our word-spreading has been working as we received a steady influx of inquiries this summer from people looking to get away from the ship to experience a unique and private St Thomas cruise ship excursion. Sonic Charters took many fun groups out for snorkel tours and beach hopping. Christmas Cove and Whistling Cay are 2 of our favorite snorkel spots in the USVI. You can almost always spot a few turtles and at the very least, you’re away from the all the crowds floating in crystal clear waters with just your group. We also did a few St. John cruise ship excursions including a few circumnavigations of St. John with some of the more adventurous groups. These itineraries included snorkeling at Reef Bay Trail, lunch at Skinny Legs in Coral Bay and cliff jumping at Thatch Cay. Based on the feedback we received from these groups, I feel confident in saying that all of our summer groups spent their money much more wisely on their St. Thomas cruise ship excursion than all the others on the ship.

If you’re here next year during the summer let us know and we can take you on a private St. Thomas or St. John cruise ship excursion to wherever you want to go! And if it’s an off year, maybe we’ll throw in a discount 😉

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