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For our stateside friends and family who don’t necessarily keep up with every local news item, the name “Water Island” may be a bit unfamiliar. But we assure you that it is a real place, and a beautiful one, and is currently leading headlines in the USVI as efforts begin to open it for tourism:

[T] here have been several meetings with the roughly 200 residents of Water Island to make sure the community has a say in the future of their island. Doty says one of the main requests from residents is that the hotel be environmentally friendly and that is something she says the government is also looking at as a top priority. All of the proposed plans of interest are for hotels between 150-200 rooms, Nicholson-Doty has said.

It’s good news for the region and a nice opportunity for those of us who offer boat rentals in St. Thomas and St. John to help our guests discover still more unspoiled marine life throughout the islands.

Water Island is just one of the many, many destinations that our premiere boat captains call home. If you want to see the most beautiful spots in St. Thomas and beyond, contact the boat rental professionals today.

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