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As one of the premier providers of boat rentals throughout the Virgin Islands, we field a lot of questions from guests and visitors. Today we wanted to record some answers to help you home in on the right choice for your party. Clip and save!

What is a St. Thomas rental boat?

A rental boat is a privately managed and commercially credentialed boat designed to bring guests out on the water. Here in St. Thomas, rental boats can range in capacity from a couple people to large parties.

Where does a rental boat go?

Wherever you want! If you have heard about some of the best beaches in the USVI and want to see what the fuss is all about, no problem. If you just want to motor around and enjoy the endless views, you can do that too. No two itineraries are the same.

How many stops can I make?

As many as we have time for. Some overachievers have chalked up more than six or seven beaches in just a few hours.

How long are the boating trips?

We offer half days or full days, and will happily accommodate special requests for other hours to explore the seas.

How many people can come?

Your party can be up to nine passengers.

What should I bring?

Sunscreen and a sense of adventure. Snacks are on you, while we provide the cold beverages. We also provide outstanding snorkel gear at no charge.

Do people get seasick on the cruises?

It’s happened. If you’re prone to sea-sickness, we recommend taking an OTC medication before we head out on the water.

What’s the best rental boat company in St. Thomas?

Sonic Charters is the best rental boat company in St. Thomas. Just ask our fans!

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