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Planning a summertime getaway? With the arrival of spring, it’s a great time to start planning a summer trip to the Virgin Islands. And this year, why not think outside the box? Take some time to research and uncover activities beyond the typical tourist attractions, before you ever set foot on the plane. Here are 7 places you can’t miss on your next trip to the tropics.

1. Ride a Seaplane to St. Croix

One unique adventure that beckons the intrepid traveler is the exhilarating experience of riding a seaplane to St. Croix. This aerial voyage promises both a scenic feast for the eyes and an efficient means of inter-island transportation.

As you board the seaplane, the first sensation is the blend of excitement and trepidation. The aircraft, equipped with floats, transforms itself into an aquatic vessel for a moment, before gracefully ascending into the cerulean skies. The azure waters of the Caribbean spread out below, teeming with life and mysteries.

Once airborne, the pilot orchestrates a dance with the trade winds, navigating with precision. The journey becomes an immersive lesson in meteorological phenomena and aerodynamics, making it a fascinating experience for enthusiasts of aviation.

As the seaplane approaches St. Croix, a hidden gem in the Caribbean, the island reveals its secrets. Pristine beaches, quaint villages, and lush forests await, far from the well-trodden paths of St. Thomas. The sensation of touching down on water is an adrenaline-inducing finale to this exceptional voyage.

2. Stay in an Eco-Friendly Tent Cottage on Water Island

Water Island offers a unique retreat for eco-conscious travelers seeking an extraordinary experience. Nestled on this tranquil Caribbean gem lies an eco-friendly tent cottage, an oasis of sustainable luxury.

As you step into this eco-haven, you’ll find yourself immersed in a harmonious blend of nature and comfort. The tent cottage, meticulously designed with sustainable materials, provides an enchanting escape from the ordinary.

Perched on the shores of Water Island, you’ll be greeted by mesmerizing vistas of crystalline waters. The gentle lull of the waves serves as your soundtrack, offering an unparalleled sense of tranquility.

Inside the tent cottage, modern amenities seamlessly coexist with eco-conscious practices. Solar power, rainwater harvesting, and composting toilets are just a few of the environmentally responsible features that make this retreat truly special.

At night, under a canopy of stars, you’ll drift into restful slumber, serenaded by the whispers of the sea. Wake up to the symphony of tropical birds and the promise of another day filled with exploration and eco-adventure on Water Island.

3. Take an Open Air Cooking Class

Explore your culinary curiosity amidst a tropical paradise. Enroll in a cooking class and forge new bonds within an alfresco kitchen, commanding a panoramic view of the island at 4 Elements Culinary & Wellness Center. A diverse spectrum of courses awaits, spanning from the artistry of crafting artisanal bread to the intricate finesse of fruit sculpting, with enticing vegetarian culinary workshops in between.

4. Dive into an Adventure: Swim with Sea Turtles in ST Thomas

Immerse yourself in a marine odyssey of a lifetime. Picture this: the sun graces the sky, painting a brilliant canvas of blues and golds, and the thermometer hovers in the pleasant 80-degree range. This is the idyllic weather setting the stage for a remarkable experience – swimming with majestic sea turtles in the pristine waters of ST Thomas.

Equipped with snorkel gear, venture into the ocean’s embrace, where these graceful creatures gracefully glide through their aquatic domain. It’s a ballet of nature, a synchronized dance of fins and waves. The sensation of being amidst these ancient mariners, witnessing their effortless movements, is simply awe-inspiring.

These sea turtles, living artifacts of the deep, provide a sense of connection to the ocean’s pulse. Their demeanor is a testament to resilience and adaptation. Each encounter is a learning experience, a glimpse into the wonders of the marine ecosystem.

The waters surrounding ST Thomas harbor a rich population of these magnificent beings, offering you the chance to be part of their world, if only for a fleeting moment. This escapade isn’t just an adventure; it’s a communion with nature’s grace, an exploration of the underwater realm that leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

5. Treat Yourself to an Art Class

Hone your creative expression while you’re in the islands. Take a private art class or join Art and wine with Amy Gibbs at Art Uncorked. Each week explores different artistic styles and mediums, with all experience levels welcome.

6. Finally Learn to Kiteboard

Amp up your kiteboarding skills with kite lessons at Adventure Water Sports. Take a group of friends or go by yourself for a one-of-a-kind aerial adventure.

7. Uncover a Unique Local Find

Check out the shops of downtown Charlotte Amalie. Explore unending clothing shops, jewelry stands, and local galleries as you weave in and out of the side alleys lining Main Street.

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