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With barely a few weeks until one of the most popular global events known as the St. Thomas International Regatta, professional sailors and their amateur counterparts, as well as casual spectators, are preparing to have a blast at the thrilling event. Popularly dubbed as the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean, multiple global visitors flock to St. Thomas for exceptional racing and unique parties. The three-day event first sailed in 1974 and hosts world-class yacht designs, including the Caribbean’s most coveted Rock Stars.

The Location

The St. Thomas International Regatta event host is St. Thomas Yacht Club, coordinated by the Virgin Islands Racing Association with support from local independent businesses and individuals. Featuring scenic views and superb racing, the yacht club hosts popular sailing events in the Caribbean to keep you entertained. Men and women from all walks of life travel to St. Thomas Yacht Club from all around the Caribbean, Europe, and North America to witness the Regatta.

Regatta in the Making

The St. Thomas International Regatta celebrated its 45th birthday in 2018, regardless of the 2017 September Hurricanes that caused the loss of its dock. Despite that, the junior sailing program bounced back within a few months. Moreover, the Regatta added the IRC racing by collaborating with the BVI Spring Regatta to deliver the Virgin Islands Race Week. Each year has seen the St. Thomas International Regatta exhibit massive success.

The Participants

During the three days of entertaining, top-notch yachtsmen and yachtswomen converge at this spectacular event to brave the water and keep onlookers entertained with their leading-edge sailing skills. Sailors typically encounter friendly breezes, warm blue waters, and fierce racing competition. If you have been here before, you’ve probably witnessed the camaraderie of the competitors, great racing, mouthwatering meals, and soothing live music.

Racing in Paradise

Whether you’re a professional or an aspiring sailor, you have the chance to trade tactics with Olympic and America’s Cup teams on and off the water. Still, you can be sure to have a splendid time if it’s your first time sailing the waters of St. Thomas. One of the proficient sailor competitors, Bill Alcott of Detroit, Michigan, possesses the 68-foot yacht Equation. He acknowledges that his love of the sailing competition doesn’t allow him to miss any of the Regatta events. Peter Holmberg, America’s Cup veteran, is one of the most celebrated local sailors who love attending the event. Norbert Plambeck once traveled the farthest from Cuxhaven, Germany to sail his Frers 80 Hexe at the Regatta. The Caribbean isn’t just a tropical paradise — it’s a sailor’s haven!

What of Non-participants?

The casual spectator has lots of fun in store. If you love sailing but aren’t a sailor, you’ll get to watch world-class sailing from globally renowned sailors as they race off the downtown waterfront and across the U.S. Virgin Islands. And with boats mooring at Cowpet Bay, competing sailors assemble before and after racing, enhancing the Regatta’s ambiance further. You could also join other prestigious activities around the Rolex, where you can enjoy dancing and live band music. Besides, you’ll get to bask in the scenic views since you’re in the Virgin Islands after all!

2022 Regatta Schedule

The 48th St. Thomas International Regatta is scheduled for 25th-27th March 2022. Like past Regattas, the organizers hope to attract thousands of sailors and spectators. If you’re looking forward to this year’s Regatta, you can sign up and enjoy the euphoric ambiance and splendid weekend of racing. You could also engage with one of the global racing icons as you sail through the Virgin Islands’ beautiful blue and warm waters before anchoring at the starting point, the St. Thomas Yacht Club.

After a weekend of competitive racing activities, the beachside recreational activities complement the highly anticipated competitions and camaraderie. The event winds up with a fascinating awards schedule whose stage appears over the water on the last racing day. St. Thomas International Regatta is a fantastic event for sailors, spectators, and visitors altogether. From the picturesque settings to irresistible blue waters, calming warm winds, mouthwatering meals, and thrilling races, you’ll love the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean.

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