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St. Thomas is known for many things: beautiful beaches, lively bars, and stunning natural bays. But world-changing ideas? That’s a more recent arrival.

The folks at TED, who traffic in revolutionary concepts delivered one speech at a time, have recently set their sights on St. Thomas for one of their satellite TEDx venues:

Goldman, who works as a lawyer on St. Thomas, said he came up with the idea for a TEDx event after one of his friends left the island. . . Having enjoyed TED talks in the past, Goldman thought bringing a TEDx event to the island could benefit St. Thomas and highlight the work of some of the territory’s residents.

“This is a chance to actually really learn what other Virgin Islanders are doing,” Goldman said. “To actually get someone up on the stage without interruption and let them share what’s going on with them, that’s interesting – things that are affecting the islands, our world. I thought that was a really good opportunity for us.”

Consider it one more reason to come to St. Thomas. You can drink in the sights, spend a day on the water – and engage some of the most rigorous ideas in our modern culture.

Just another day at the beach.

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