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For most of the world, St. Thomas is simply a place to visit: a decadent and dazzling tropical wonderland that boasts shopping, beaches, snorkeling and endless summer evenings. But for a select few, St. Thomas becomes more than a place for vacations; it becomes a place to put down roots.

This site offers some sage advice to anyone who wants to give up the noise of continental living and relocate. Money quote:

Why should I move to St Thomas, USVI ?
Some of the most beautiful water, beaches, boating, fishing, diving, and sailing in the world. Fantastic year round climate.

Look closely at that list and it could basically read as the headline to a Sonic Charters brochure. Everything we do and all that we offer is contained within a few choice words – beaches, boating, sailing and so on.

The water is what draws people to St. Thomas, and our rental boats offer the finest way to experience all that these seas have to offer. If you love St. Thomas but want to sample before you buy, contact us to book a St. Thomas rental boat today.

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