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The Baths in the Virgin Islands – St Thomas Boat Rentals

Each week, we’re highlighting a best-loved traveler destination in our Hotspots of the Virgin Islands series. This week’s hotspot takes you on an invigorating boat ride to the British Virgin Islands to see the world famous geological formation known as The Baths.

En Route:

If you rent our Sea Ray Sundancer, enjoy a breakfast snack of fruit and muffins on the way over to the island of Virgin Gorda.


When you reach The Baths, you’ll start your adventure by swimming up to explore the hidden grottoes and tidal pools formed by Batholiths. These giant boulders create an unforgettable playground of swimming, hiking, and snorkeling. Sunlight and water combine into brilliant colors, which scatter to form an amazing display. Pose for a picture in the Cathedral Room, a beautiful composite of light, shallow waters, and triangular-shaped walls. The Cathedral Room is the most photographed place of The Baths, and is the place where Tyra Banks had her first Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot.

Added Fun:

Climb through the rocks to the Devil’s Bay beach for a more relaxing time. Enjoy the soft sand and calm waters, plus amazingly photo-worthy scenes.

What to Bring:

Bring a passport for traveling to the British Virgin Islands and cash for getting through customs. Pack an iPod or iPhone loaded with your favorite music to connect to the boat’s sound system. Don’t forget reef-safe sunscreen (non-spray) and towels for drying off after swimming and snorkeling. And there’s no need to bring snorkel equipment – Sonic Charters provides high-quality gear for everyone in your party. Also, with snorkeling this good, we recommend you bring an underwater camera. Don’t forget closed-toed water shoes for hiking and navigating the giant rocks.

Crowd Levels:

At times, parts of Virgin Gorda can feel undiscovered, especially if you skip the crowded ferry and take your own charter there.  If you time it just right, The Baths can be one of the few places left to experience a truly quiet getaway.

Where to Eat:

From Devil’s Bay, hike up to The Top of the Baths restaurant gift shop for lunch. Try authentic dishes like oxtail stew and West Indian roti. Order a refreshing Bushwhacker and hang out in the pool or shower off while you wait for your meal to arrive. Then enjoy outdoor dining with sweeping views. Don’t forget to grab some souvenirs from the gift shops on the way out.

Stops On the Return Trip:

As you’re heading home, ask your captain to stop at The Indians by Norman Island. You’ll identify this snorkeling spot as a grouping of four rocky crags rising out of the water. Be sure to check out the underwater cave where fish love to hang out. Plus, uncover exciting marine life finds like lobster, blue tangs, trunk fish, hard and soft coral, and more.

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