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If you have ever booked a travel tour or package before, you know that these travel deals can vary widely in quality. Some packages include everything you need while attending to your desires and leaving you fulfilled and braced for the return trip home. Other packages fall dismayingly short.

At Sonic Charters, we believe superlative customer service is the only way to work. That’s why we are widely considered experts in the boat rental industry: after many years of experience, and many more exploring these islands as natives, we are finely attuned to the possible pitfalls of rental boats.

Our boats are without peerless, stocked with dive doors, beautiful appointments, and every creature comfort you could want. And each is skippered by a professional captain whose knowledge of the beaches, coves and attractions of St. Thomas is boundless.

If you want the very best experience from a boat charter, contact the St. Thomas boat rental experts at Sonic today for a great price.

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