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As a premiere provider of St John boat rental services, we are fairly involved in the efforts to protect the natural wilderness of our oceans and watersheds. Which is why it’s heartening to see efforts such as this one gaining momentum at a crucial time.

Recycling is a simple solution to some of the trash that inevitably appears on our popular islands, and the folks behind this effort are leading a unique crusade:

“We have had on our radar for a number of years to start recycling glass, aluminum, plastic and other goods,” Willigerod said.

So, the group turned to the community to help raise money to buy a can crusher, to recycle aluminum cans. They purchased the crusher with the money raised, but more money is needed to put in electricity to run the machine.

Causes such as this one underscore our region’s abiding commitment to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness that have made St. John and the U.S. Virgin Islands internationally renowned travel destinations. To see it all yourself, start here.

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