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We field a lot of questions from friends and family back on the mainland about our beloved islands. Most of them boil down to some version of: is it everything it looks like in the pictures?

In fact it is, and accounts such as this one inevitably help us drive the point home. Written by a Yale graduate (we’re Bulldogs ourselves) who uprooted herself to try the good life in St. John, the piece overflows with sincere affection for life in the Caribbean, and its many quirky charms:

Cruz Bay, the island’s main town, consists of a few winding roads and a handful of open-air bars and restaurants. There are no stoplights on St. John (though we frequently have to stop for the wild donkeys and iguanas and chickens that roam the streets). No chain stores. Limited WiFi. Shoes optional. We drive beat-up Jeeps because no one cares what kind of car you drive. For those without cars, hitchhiking is common; after all, we know almost everyone who lives here. We shower in filtered rainwater collected in cisterns attached to the house. . . .People gather on the beaches at dusk to watch the sunsets together. I see my friends every day. On our days off, we hike the local ruins, dive, or go boating to the nearby British Virgin Islands.

One easy way to enjoy the pace and poetry of the Virgin Islands is by taking a day out on the water with a few of its native sons and daughters. Our St. John boat rental rates are among the best in the region, and our boats are quite simply nonpareil.

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