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As rental boat experts on St. John, one of our principal jobs is to act as ambassadors for the region. It’s not difficult work: whether you’re looking for teeming wildlife or peaceful beaches, this tropical destination has everything you need for a perfect day in the Caribbean.

But we’ll still take an assist every now and then.

This article does about as good a job as one could hope, offering lush descriptions of everything that makes St John special:

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands is a typical vacation destination for those with beach dreams and fantastic ideas of island celebrations. Visitors enjoy wonderful beaches and other features including nearby destinations like St. Croix, which are easily accessed by ferry. To add, all of this fun is within reach of most Americans: no passport necessary. . . . There is paradise on Earth.

There’s only one way to enjoy this particular paradise: rent a boat in St. John. We can get you started with the perfect itinerary today. Contact Sonic Charters to learn more.

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