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Tropical Storm Bertha?? We have no idea what you’re talking about.

OK fine, a mild tropical storm came through the US Virgin Islands on Saturday but that didn’t stop us from having an epic day on the water Sunday. The Monteverde family vacations in St. John regularly and this time, they were looking for just the right Virgin Islands charter boat. They stay in St. John and were recommended by a family friend to check out Sonic Charters and we were the perfect match for their St John boat rental needs. They were staying in St. John so we picked them up in Cruz Bay and did an all day USVI only charter. Sometimes, not everyone has a passport but that shouldn’t deter you from spending the day on the water. Staying the US Virgin Islands is a great option and there’s so much to see and do that most people don’t know about. One person in this group didn’t have a passport so we weren’t able to venture to the British Virgin Islands but at the end of the day, everyone was thanking the passport-less guy because of how impressed they were with what the US Virgin Islands has to offer.

This adventurous group had the picture perfect Sunday fun-day. We started off with some beach time at Cinnamon Bay followed by snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay. It was then decided that they wanted to circumnavigate St. John so we headed to Coral Bay and had lunch at Skinny Legs. After they were all fueled up for the rest of the day, we hit up another snorkeling spot at Reef Bay on the south side of St. John and then finished up the day with some relaxing floating at Congo Cay and cliff jumping at Thatch Cay!

Whether your staying in St. Thomas or St. John, we can accommodate you hassle-free. Although located in St. Thomas, we consider ourselves as much of a St. John charter boat as we do a St. Thomas charter boat. We pick guests up regularly in St. John so if you’re staying there and looking for a day out on the water, with our without passports, let us know and together, we can put together the perfect itinerary for you!

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