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We spend a lot of time extolling the many wonders of renting a boat in St. John here, but that’s only because we are fortunate enough to make our home in an island paradise. Our guests love to visit St. John for its many sights and beaches – Trunk Bay, Waterlemon Cay, and so on.

This recent travel piece underlines why this island is so special—and why it remains such an exclusive travel destination for snow bunnies and locals alike. Two transplants from the States discuss why they moved to the Caribbean to begin making craft beer:

Every time you see someone, you hear either “Good morning,” “Good afternoon” or “Good night.” I lived in Boston for a couple of years, where you’d walk down the street and everyone kept their heads down. Here, you actually appreciate the people around you. Everyone’s your friend. . . .We’d all sit on the back porch, enjoying a perfect Caribbean sunset, and discuss a beer’s cloudiness, foam and aroma. It’s like a wine tasting but much less pretentious.

That same spirit of welcome and warmth extends to the waters, where our St. John boat rentals give every guest a full day of fun, laughter, beautiful sights, and comfort.

To book your own day on the water today, start here.

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