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We’re constantly on the lookout for news and events around the USVI, and that includes digging through the many media mentions of our fair islands. This New York Times piece on St. John is a winner, as it captures not just the luxury and beauty, but the folks who flock here every year for a slice of the good life:

While not a celebrity magnet, St. John draws “a very wealthy crowd” that tends to be “super laid back,” Mr. Van Assche said, coming from the East Coast as well as cities including Dallas, Chicago and Minneapolis. “We are not a St. Barts. They come to wear flip-flops and shorts and just blend in.”

And when they get here, they want to get a boat and see our beautiful natural beaches for themselves. That’s why our St. John boat rental service continues to shine: we offer a higher standard of care across the board, from upholstered seating to onboard hi-fi audio and more. As the NYT says:

Of the United States Virgin Islands, “St. John is the crème-de-la-crème, the top of the market,” said Nick Van Assche, an owner of Sea Glass Properties.

And your charter rental should be no different. If you want to see it all and have a blast throughout the journey, contact the St. John boat rental pros today.

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