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St John Boat Charter Snorkel Spots

In our opinion, some of the very best snorkeling is right near St. John. Our marina is located in St. Thomas but we happily pick up St John boat charter guests on a regular basis. We simply have them meet us at the National Park Dock right in Cruz Bay and they hop on the boat and we continue on our way. Many St John boat charter groups going to the British Virgin Islands like to begin their day with a few snorkel spots but you certainly don’t have to go to the British Virgin Islands to find great snorkeling so we often times take them to Waterlemon Cay on our way up to the BVI. We also have many St John boat charter groups that stay in the US Virgin Islands so snorkeling spots on St. John or the nearby cays are a perfect way to spend part of the day. There is a plethora of places to snorkel as the water is crystal clear and the sea life abundant but here are a few of our charter guests favorite spots.

St john boat charter with Sonic Charters

Lovango Cay

is home to 3 people so it is practically an uninhabited island. It’s located about 1.5 miles North of Cruz Bay and situated in between St. John and St. Thomas; perfect for either St John boat charter guests or St Thomas boat charter guests. Lovango is protected by the nearby islands so it offers a nice calm spot to stop and jump in. The shallow, clear water is perfect for snorkeling and you can usually spot and get caught up in bait-balls of fish in between Lovango and Congo Cay.

Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon is St. John’s most popular snorkeling spot.  Last time we were at Waterlemon, we saw a family of stingrays, a beautiful turtle, several nurse sharks, tons of conch, and even a few lobster.  Located on the North side of St. John, Waterlemon is situated in a beautiful cove, and from the Cay you can see the ruins of Annaberg back on St. John.

Trunk Bay

More famous for it’s National Park beach and world famous overlook, Trunk Bay is also home to the Virgin Islands underwater snorkel trail.  The trail houses a variety of colorful fish and coral and the Trail even has signs to explain what you are looking at.

Whistling Cay

One of Captain Tony‘s much visited sites, Whistling Cay sits off of the North Side of St. John and is only accessed by St John boat charter or St Thomas boat charter guests.  Nurse Sharks, spotted eagle rays, turtles, tarpon, barracuda, this is a deeper snorkel site, so the bigger fish come out to play.

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