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A Must-Do When Traveling To USVI.

Several years ago, The World of Cruising published a list of bucket list locations to visit when traveling to the Virgin Islands. What made this list great was that it was appropriate for every type of traveler, from cruisers to those flying directly to St. Thomas. Whether you are a retiree enjoying your golden years or on your honeymoon, here are a few must-do adventures listed in the article.

Watch the sunset at Paradise Point

Make a point to watch the sunset at Paradise Point on Saint Thomas. While the sunset is beautiful from every part of the island, it is extraordinarily breathtaking while when you see it from the top of an exhilarating mountaintop. 

While there choose between the Sky Ride, a tram ride that takes you 700 feet above sea level, or the Sky Jump, a gigantic, extra-bouncy trampoline. Both offer amazing views.

Check out a shipwreck

You know that the Virgin Islands has some of the best snorkeling in the world, but why not take your undersea exploration a step farther. Those who are SCUBA certified would love to see the shipwreck of WIT Shoal II, which offers five levels of decks to explore. How do you get there? Contact Sonic Charters, the premier boat rental company in Saint Thomas.

Climb volcanic boulders

You may want to book a boat charter for multiple days while visiting the USVI or BVI. Also on the must-do list is taking a private boat charter to Baths at Virgin Gorda. There you will climb volcanic boilers and check out the tidal pools. 

For more ideas of must-do adventures, contact the staff at Sonic Charters. We know and love the Virgin Islands, and we will give you more insider tips on the best places to visit.

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